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Quick Pest Control
Spiders-Deadly Pest Control Officers

Though spiders do a bit of pest control on their own by helping to keep the insect population at bay, living in close quarters with them can be hazardous for humans. Their bite can be deadly at most and very painful in the least. Since spiders produce many hundreds of spiderlings in the course of their life, it’s easy to see how one harmless spider can become an infestation in need of a pest control programme.

The Spider’s Life Cycle
Different species of spiders experience different life cycles. Some males spin webs to attract the females whilst other kinds of males will wander in search of females. Some females will kill the male after they mate. All females will lay an egg sac containing many hundreds of eggs. When they hatch, the baby spiders, or spiderlings, either make a parachute of web material to float away to a new home on a gust of air, or they crawl off to find somewhere to live. Since a female spider can lay 2 to 3 egg sacs a year, it is important to have your home treated by a pest control professional to ward off the more harmful varieties of spider.

Spider Prowess
When we think of the spider we think of webs, but not all spiders weave them to catch prey. Some spiders dig holes and make trap doors to jump out and surprise their prey. Others use a web as a net they throw on prospective dinner. Others just jump on their prey and inject it with venom. Not all spiders are aggressive or venomous but you should be aware of the two most poisonous species to keep you and your family safe.

Poisonous Offenders
Sydney Funnel-web: One of the most dangerous spiders in the world is the male Funnel-web, though the female’s venom is very deadly as well. The male (25mm) is smaller than the female (30mm). Both have a shiny black body with a purplish-brownish abdomen and longer spinnerets (front pair of legs.) The male Funnel-web wanders about on summer or autumn nights looking for females. His wanderings may take him into your home through cracks under the door or through windows. If you’re bitten by a Funnel-web seek medical attention immediately as their bite can be deadly. Most hospitals have anti-venom for their bites.

Red-back Spider: The Red-back Spider is another potentially dangerous spider, though not quite as lethal as the Sydney Funnel-web. This spider is black with a red or orange stripe on its round body. It commonly makes its funnel-shaped web out of the elements in a sheltered area so beware when reaching under or in an enclosed area.

Prevention Tips
There are several home pest control measures to help keep spiders out of your home. Install weather stripping or draft control strips on the bottom edge of your door. Make sure windows and vents are screened to keep climbing spiders out as well. Burrowing spiders like a lot of brush around foundations to set up residence. However, if you notice a spider infestation in or around your home you should call a pest control professional.

In Conclusion
Spiders, though pest control professionals in their own right, are hazardous to you and your family. Infestations should be treated immediately with a pest control programme to keep your family safe.