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Fleas are a type of parasite which feeds on the blood of warm blooded animals including dogs, cats and humans. Fleas frequently enter buildings on animals, such as dogs and cats, and then become deposited into carpeted areas as well as in the garden and yard. Fleas prefer shady, sandy areas. In hot, humid weather, fleas can prove to be a difficult problem as it only takes a few weeks for the fleas to hatch during these times of the year. During cooler times of the year, flea eggs can remain dormant for more than a year before they hatch. Even an uninhabited home can act as an incubator for dormant fleas during hot humid weather. more details...

Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are frequently found in locations such as hostels, motels and boarding houses or other locations where itinerant travelers may stay overnight. Buildings which are used to store used furniture and/or clothing may also provide a hospitable environment for bed bugs. Typically, bed bugs are transported with luggage, clothing and other items but very rarely on the actual person. more details...

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