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Borers in Australia
Boring pests can attack a wide range of wood products. They have been found to infest living trees, freshly felled timber, dry seasoned wood, wood flooring, structural timbers and wood furniture. Due to their widespread ability to cause infestation, they present a major pest problem both to natural areas as well as residential and commercial premises.

Borers can be identified by pest control professionals due to the size of the exit holes as well as the texture of the dust they produce. more details...

Bees and Wasps
While bees can certainly provide important advantages to nature, they can also be a problem during the summer when they seek to establish new hives in residential and commercial premises. Wasps have also made a significant appearance in Australia, causing alarm and some concern. more details...

Silverfish are a type of starch feeder which can damage fabrics, paper and other organic materials by feeding from it. Silverfish have also been known to damage some synthetic fabrics, such as silk.

These types of insects tend to inhabit areas which are not frequently used such as roof spaces, basements, storage rooms, bookcases and wall cavities. They can roam through large spaces in a facility fairly quickly due to their small shape and size. Typically, they prefer to live in dark and quiet spaces and as a result tend to be most active during nighttime hours. Silverfish may be frequently found in bathtubs, toilets and sinks due to falling in while seeking moisture and becoming trapped. more details...