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Quick Pest Control
The Incomparable Cockroach

Cockroaches are #1 on the pest control offender’s list. These nocturnal pests live by day in the cracks of walls and floorboards and by night scavenge under your refrigerator, along your stove and in the garbage disposal for morsels to enjoy whilst spreading germs and bacteria. They love moist heat and thrive in sewers, damp sub-flooring and garbage areas. Even the cleanest of homes can have them as they love to sneak in with the mail or in packages. Though there are things to do to help prevent them, an infestation is a pest control nightmare and best left to professionals.

Cockroaches and Your Health
Cockroaches are not the cleanest guests to have in your home. There is a rumour that they are actually clean insects, which is true when it comes to where they prefer to live. However, they inhabit dirty places such as sewers and drains then march dirty feet across counters and other places where food is prepared. They carry salmonella, parasites and bacteria that can infect your family.

Cockroach allergens have been known to trigger deadly asthma attacks in adults and children unless a pest control programme is implemented. Cockroaches grow and moult their old skin to grow a larger new skin. Their skin pieces are combined with their faeces, making a hazardous dust harmful to some when inhaled.

Life of a Cockroach
The lifespan of the assorted cockroach species varies in length because they’re cold blooded and they grow faster in warm weather, but all species follow the same circle of life. Interestingly, the German Cockroach reproduces at a younger age and lays more eggs, making it the bane of pest control. The females produce egg sacs containing 10 to 40 eggs that she either lays or carries on her body until they hatch. The young cockroaches are called nymphs and look just like their older counterparts except they're smaller and wingless.

Adults later grow wings but fly poorly for more than a short distance. The adults live anywhere from 6 to 12 months and can lay 30 egg sacs in their lifetime. The adult males beat their wings to let females know they’re available.

Cockroach Types
There are 450 species of cockroach in Australia, but only 6 kinds fall into the pest control bracket. Three kinds, the German Cockroach, the Oriental Cockroach and the American Cockroach are the most prevalent in businesses and homes across Australia. Generally, the German cockroach is the widest spread cockroach in Australia. It’s small (12mm) and dark brown-black. The American Cockroach is larger (30mm), lighter brown and is often found in sewers and food establishments. The Oriental Cockroach prefers southern locations where it’s cooler and frequent garbage disposals and bins.

Pest Control 101
There are several things you can do towards cockroach pest control on your own, but if you have an infestation, professional services are a must. First, one must remember that cockroaches thrive on spilled or uncontained food. It’s important to keep floors and food areas free of spills and crumbs. Proper food storage is essential to keep your cupboards free of pests. Finally, cockroaches live in cracks in the home or under newspapers or cardboard boxes. Keeping your home free of clutter and sealing cracks along kitchen baseboards will give cockroaches less place to hide.

In Conclusion
Cockroaches carry disease and can cause asthmatic attacks in those prone to allergies. Though it would be tempting to try to banish them on your own, a pest control professional is the best choice to ridding your home or business of these nasty insects.