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Quick Pest Control
Ants, Cockroaches and Spiders

You wouldn’t think a little ant would cause much trouble, but unfortunately the term ‘an army of ants’ pertains to this pest control offender. Ants can spread disease and destroy the timbers of your walls and rafters. Killing an ant or two in your home doesn't solve the problems of an ant infestation because there are more ants waiting to follow the pheromone trail back to the food source in your home. In most cases, the best way to banish them is to implement a pest control programme that targets the colony as a whole through chemicals brought back to the queen and other workers. more details...

Cockroaches are #1 on the pest control offender’s list. These nocturnal pests live by day in the cracks of walls and floorboards and by night scavenge under your refrigerator, along your stove and in the garbage disposal for morsels to enjoy whilst spreading germs and bacteria. They love moist heat and thrive in sewers, damp sub-flooring and garbage areas. Even the cleanest of homes can have them as they love to sneak in with the mail or in packages. Though there are things to do to help prevent them, an infestation is a pest control nightmare and best left to professionals. more details...

Though spiders do a bit of pest control on their own by helping to keep the insect population at bay, living in close quarters with them can be hazardous for humans. Their bite can be deadly at most and very painful in the least. Since spiders produce many hundreds of spiderlings in the course of their life, it’s easy to see how one harmless spider can become an infestation in need of a pest control programme. more details...